About the Artist

Hello! I'm Kirsty the owner and Illustator of Kirstteas.

A vivid memory of mine was at the age of 7, I was assigned by the confidence of my classmates to illustrate and have full creative control over the entire class book process. I think back to this memory very fondly, and it feels me with the same pride and joy I had that day. I knew there and then, c r e a t i n g  was my calling.

I have come a long way since gaining the creative approval of 7-8-year-olds. I've achieved in receiving a BA(Hons) in Illustration at the University for the Creative Arts, and have been on a 8-year-long and counting design career since, starting as a local Graphic Design assistant to UIUX design and of course as an Illustrator for clients world wide!

Now recently moved, this South Londoner, UK artist finds herself in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA where I continue to grow on my creative adventure.

Let's work Together

Youtube Channel

Join me weekly as I vlog my journey as an artist, exploring topics such as growing my small business, design techniques, client consultation skills, convention participating, and of course drawing sessions where we drink tea and relax together.

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