I illustrated two children's books that aim to encourage conversations about Cystic Fibrosis and its impact on the individuals and their families. My task was to harmonize my illustration style with the charity's branding, including their colors, fonts, and black outlines. Both books were printed on a hard back format and made into short support animations.

In 'The Lost Collar Investigation,' we follow the story of a young girl named Rosie. She and her mom embark on a mission to find their dog Milo's missing collar. Along the way, we delve into their family life and gain insights into what it means to have a mom with Cystic Fibrosis.

The Lost Collar Investigation (my mummy has CF) | Support Video

Seb's Best Game' tells the story of Seb, a young soccer enthusiast gearing up for his team's big match. Unfortunately, the day before the game, Seb's dad's Cystic Fibrosis condition worsens, prompting Seb to grapple with his emotions and find a way for his dad to
witness his important match.

Seb's Best Game (my daddy has CF) | Support Video

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